Companies invest a great deal of money into their facilities and The Cleaning Company can help protect that investment by maintaining it properly so that it will last for years to come.

We will help you evaluate your cleaning needs and make recommendations on cleaning frequencies that make sense for your type of environment and how it’s used. Not all offices are the same and we understand that there may be unique circumstances in each company that require a tailor fit. We always think about the difference in approach while working with small offices or the most massive companies buildings. This is why we don’t blindly quote figures over the phone or simply use an “across the board” cost per square foot formula to determine a monthly cost. We will send a representative to meet with you and evaluate your facility. We will then create a proposal that is unique to your company and its needs.

By maintaining the same cleaning staff in your facility we are able to clean it very efficiently and with a level of quality unsurpassed by others. The Cleaning Company uses HEPA filtration on vacuums and “green” cleaning agents that are environmentally safe for your employees. A clean office will be a healthy office and is likely to reduce illness related absences and increase worker productivity.

The Cleaning Company can also provide specialized cleaning tasks such as stripping and refinishing tile floors, ceramic tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

  • Cost effective cleaning frequencies

  • Stripping and refinishing

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Green cleaning chemicals

  • HEPA filtration vacuums

  • Reduce absences through healthy cleaning

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